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"HUG ME" Pillow - 40x40 cm

Price: 49.00 € 8.00 €
Producent: BitBerry
Fabric: 100% Cotton
Color: Black
Print: Flex
Designer: Anna Dąbrowska
Shipped within: 2-3 Days

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Here he is, the Great Old One.
For centuries he's been sleeping in the cyclopean city R'lyeh... and has no one to hug to :(

Cthulhu needs love too! Look how much tentacles he has - he'd like to hug you with all of them! :)

40x40 cm pillow, hypoallergenic, keeps the bulbous shape, is soft and supple.
Quilt is made of high quality soft fabric, 100% cotton interlock.
Printing made using FLEX foil.

The pillow is made of polikoton, far more durable than fleece (which is often used in pillows).
This prevents the filling from leaking out.

The filling of the pillow is high quality silicon in the form of beads of silicone (silicone powder), so that it is flexible and does not flatten out. The result is a long life cushions - there is no need to replace it from time to time :)

- The pillowslip has a zipper
- Wash temperature (pillow): 40˚C
- Wash temperature (pillowslip): 40˚C

Works great as a decorative element :)