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About Us

The BITBERRY brand and store has been founded in 2012, so it is no denying that we are fairly new on the market :)
Our business is based on the principle of "from fans for fans" - our goal is to create original, outstanding products, referring to themes such as video games, retro computing, 8-bit art, comics, movies, TV series, oldschool, geek, zombie, steampunk... simply everything that we personally love and do :)

Designs and the products themselves are designed by us and talented, Polish artists. We draw from the popular culture and the world around us and then try to give it a new, interesting look.

Our t-shirts (and other stuff) are sewn in the Polish facility, using Polish material of the highest quality available. Therefore, everything that comes out of our hands is 100% domestic product. In addition, we supplement our offer with interesting, unusual and unique products from around the world.

We actively support and participate in the various events and initiatives related to our activities and interests, such as conventions, festivals, tournaments, and many gaming, demoscene and retro-computing events.

We hope that you will find something worth your attention :)

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